About “We Are Superman: The Transformation of 31st and Troost”

About “We Are Superman: The Transformation of 31st and Troost”

We Are Superman is the story of the American urban core in a time when racism has gone underground, prejudice is glossed over, and progress is built on the backs of the poor. The film is an emotional testament to a select few who are working tirelessly in the heart of Kansas City at the corner of 31 Street and Troost Avenue; working to transform a dividing line into a gathering place.

A Catholic nun is restoring imagination back into the minds of abandoned children. An Orthodox Priest is providing reconciliation to an age old division. An old-time engineer has abandoned his cushy career to reengage despondent and broken fathers back into the lives of their families and communities. A young, zealous pioneer is leading a movement against legal theft from the pockets of the poor. She is standing up against one of the largest lobbyists in the state of Missouri.

It is the story America has been waiting for. A community has stopped waiting on the next elected official, board of directors, or MIA policy maker to come and save them. Instead they are gathering the people, they are standing united together and saying with one resounding voice: We Are Superman. This is their story.


Kevin Bryce, Director of We Are Superman, at 31st and Troost

Kevin Bryce – Director

Kevin Bryce has worked and pursued film and video production for nearly 10 years. He graduated Cum Laude with a degree in film and media arts from the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC). As a student he wrote and produced many short films, winning student awards at UMKC. He went on to work for Brainroot Light and Sound editing many marketing videos for clients (including KCAI) while at the same time holding the Director of Photography position for In The Kitchen With Bonnie – a Kansas City-based cooking show. Kevin has worked extensively with the national non-profit FOCUS North America and their spokesman NFL all pro-safety Troy Polamalu in branding, fundraising, and developing content on a national scale. We Are Superman is Kevin’s first documentary feature and it took home the Emerging Filmmakers award at the Kansas City Film Fest in 2013. Production has begun on his second documentary feature All These Flowers; investigating and shedding light on what it is to live with bipolar disorder.

Christopher Cook - Producer of We Are Superman

Christopher Cook – Producer

Christopher Cook is a 6’6” corn-fed Iowa farm-boy who has a bombastic persona, a hearty laugh, and a keen interest in hearing peoples’ stories. He moved to Kansas City in 2008 to start Brainroot Light and Sound, LLC, which began as a production house that specialized in creating web videos for clients, but Christopher is working to transition it into a documentary studio.

Christopher’s current projects include Your Fellow Americans – a documentary web series discussing race, immigration, and the American Dream – and Broke, Busted and Disgusted – a feature-length documentary examining the true cost of a college degree.

His interests follow his passions, which circle around dedicated self-starters, civic engagement, community building, and cocktails. Christopher is influenced by the understanding that values are the fundamental motivations of actions, and that in order to engage and transform communities, one must first understand the values to which that community holds. He believes that education and dialogue are the keys to mutual prosperity, and he just plain doesn’t understand sports.