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“The black community can no longer do nothing and allow us to continue lose generation after generation after generation. We must stand up and do what needs to be done.”

– Rodney Knott, We Are Superman

“…our children have to have a hope in tomorrow. Otherwise it doesn’t matter what I do today.”

– Sister Berta Sailer, We Are Superman

“We often have this idea of racism and prejudices way back then in the 50’s and the 60’s. But in Kansas City, and especially along Troost Avenue, we’ve come to realize that is just a beginning point. There’s a lot of work to do.”

– Father Paisius, We Are Superman

“I think the days of waiting for government to solve all problems – whether they’re city, state, or federal – are over.”

– Mayor Sly James, We Are Superman
We Are Superman Poster

We Are Superman Poster

We were incredibly lucky to have a talented illustrator, Kevin Howdeshell, create a poster for the documentary. Check out his work,…

“There isn’t much that we human beings can’t do. IF we have the will to do it. And that’s what’s been lacking.”

– Anita Maltbia, We Are Superman

“We just cannot isolate poverty and expect that we’ve moved away from it, and it’s not our problem. It is our problem.”

– Carol Grimaldi, We Are Superman

“This strikes at the economic capacity of your community…and you can’t stand idly by while we continue to be ravaged in this way.”

– Molly Fleming-Pierre, We Are Superman