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Which do you want, and where is it going?

NOTE: These DVDs contain the original, 77-minute version of the film as completed in 2013.

On orders of ten or more receive $5 off each disc ($10 DVDs; $15 Blu-Rays). Please Contact the Filmmakers if you wish to make a large order.

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You can Rent or Purchase a digital copy of We Are Superman through our VXH On-Demand page.

VHX offers apps for Apple TV, Roku, and many other media devices, so you should be able to stream this on your television.

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NOTE: This is a link to a revised, 57-minute version of the film. It tells the same story – we just tightened it up a bit in the summer of 2016.

DVDs include:

  • Feature-length version of We Are Superman
  • A behind-the-scenes commentary with the director and producer
  • Six deleted scenes
  • Updates from CCO, Reconciliation Services, and ReEngage, Inc.
  • Father Paisius reading the “Troost Village” poem